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Former Research Student Projects

Durham Law School is proud of its postgraduate research student community. Each year a large number of our students are awarded research degrees and go on to successful careers in a range of areas including academia and the legal profession.

Below is a list of our former postgraduate students and, where available, links to their Master of Jurisprudence and Doctor of Philosophy theses.

Academic Year 2023-2024

Harsh Bajpai PhD Protecting Privacy in Indian Schools: Regulating AI-based Technologies' Design, Development and Deployment
Jinu Carvajalino-Guerrero  PhD 

The judicial development of a norm on the permissibility of amnesties under international law

Romain Chuffart PhD

Indigenous Sovereignty, Self-determination, and Rights: Normative Agency through the Rights-Based Approach in Multilevel Arctic Environmental Governance. 
Helen Rodway PhD Reconceptualising Cohabitation Reform as a Human Rights Issue 
Hui Sun PhD Corporate governance in Chinese SOEs: explaining and evaluating the reliance on “administrative governance”. 

Academic Year 2022-2023

Uchenna Agunwa PhD

International Investment Law Protection of Foreign Portfolio Investments: ‘To be, or not to be’?

Samuel Bannister PhD

Unjust Enrichment for Cohabiting Couples: Reassessing the Common Intention Constructive Trust

Kershwyn Bassuday PhD

Mediated Settlement Agreements in South Africa: A Judicial Review

Mengqi Bi PhD 

Compliance with and through the Rules of Corporate Governance in China

Jordan Buck MJur

Parents and treatment decision-making for very young children at the end of life: a comparative analysis

Emma Christie MJur Domestic Abuse in England and Wales: A Critique of Emerging Law and the Role of Criminal Justice
Rachel Giles MJur

Court-ordered obstetric intervention: Capacity, Consent and Compulsion

Shivaraj Huchhanavar  PhD

Judicial Conduct Regulation Regimes in India and the United Kingdom: A Comparative Study

Xinyue Li PhD Quantising Geoeconomics: Pluralistic Reconciliation Between Security Protection and Economic Liberalisation Through a Quantum Worldview
Clara McNeill MJur Mandatory Vaccination for Healthcare Professionals: Preparation for Future Pandemics
Joanna Reimann MJur Controlling the Environmental Impacts of UK Fast Fashion Companies: Do B Corps provide a way forward?
Adam Rowe PhD Dionysus against the Crucified: Nietzsche, Sovereignty, and the Power of Nihilism
Kieran Sewell Mjur

Misinformation and Disinformation: the Issue, the Marketplace of Ideas, and the British and American Approaches

Zoe Tongue PhD

Recognising a Human Right to Abortion

Olivia Verity MJur Obstetric Violence as a Civil Battery: Exploring the Limitations of Tort Law in the Context of Unauthorised Vaginal Examinations


Academic Year 2021-2022

Ajibola Asolo PhD   Advances, False Starts, and Outstanding Reform Imperatives in Nigerian Derivatives Law and Regulation. 
Mustafa Akgün PhD  

Human rights and money laundering: a comparative analysis of the suspicious transaction reports regime from a personal data protection rights perspective

Elisabeth Bechtold PhD   Regulating Extreme Speech in the Digital Age: A Comparative Analysis of European and American Approaches
William Cole MJur   Defending Digitalisation: The Case for Platform- Specific Legislation in the UK
Andreas Georgiou PhD   The 'Output' Legitimacy of Financial Stability in EU Law: Beyond Economics Functionalism
Sophia Gonella MJur   Trusts of the Family Home, the 'Familialisation' of Property Law and the Potential for Judicial Development 
Jan Mikael Stefan Lundmark PhD  

Access to Land Access to Justice. The divergence of legal protection: cultural protection for Sami access to land and waters under Swedish law in light of the European convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms

Amy Nerou MJur   "A Tissue, A Tissue, It All Falls Down”: A view of the Impacts of Covid-19 on the English Criminal Court System Between March 2020 and March 2021
Ugochukwu Nwosu-Iheme PhD  

A critical assessment of the efficacy of the Nigerian anti-money laundering legal and institutional frameworks for politically exposed persons

Ella O'Donoghue MJur   EU Corporate Tax Harmonisation
Maria Antonia Panascì PhD   Solidarity in the European Constitutional Imaginary: The Currency of an EU Social Value
Oskar Polanski MJur   Unwilling or unable? Assessing the failure of the Rule of Law Framework and Article 7 TEU in Poland
Charlie Winefield MJur   Developing a Constitutionally Appropriate Method of Circumventing Statutory Ouster Clauses
Connor Wright MJur  

Assisted dying: Judicial wrong turns in the rights-based review of the Suicide Act 1961 and proposals for reform