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a screenshot from i News with the headline: Revealed: UK grants asylum to Rwandans despite claims country is safe

Professor Thom Brooks has examined the Office for National Statistics data on asylum applications and grants.

The front page of the i news in January 2024 was a cover story detailing how the UK government has been granting asylum to Rwandans despite claiming that Rwanda is a safe country for all. These new claims are said to raise serious concerns about the government’s policy aim of sending asylum seekers arriving in the UK by small boat to Rwanda. This front page scoop was made by Durham University’s Thom Brooks, professor of law and government and former Dean of Durham Law School (2016-2021). These findings are made in examining Office for National Statistics data on asylum applications and grants. 

Professor Brooks said to i news: “I think it’s incredible – absolutely incredible – to be trying to claim a country is safe, while actively and regularly accepting its citizens for asylum here, with dozens more waiting on their applications.” 

Brooks added: “The case of the UK continually accepting Rwandans for asylum here fatally undermines any claim Rwanda is safe for all when acknowledged it’s not safe for all Rwandans.”

The full article can be read here


Brooks speaks to BBC about the government's Rwanda Bill

Brooks was also interviewed by BBC Newcastle about the government's controversial Rwanda Bill after it was passed by the House of Commons. He raised concerns about the Bill's being unworkable, unaffordable and unlawful noting how it will likely be received by the House of Lords later this month.

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