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In the spirit of strengthening academic partnerships globally, the international research advisory board (IRAB) was founded in May 2020. IRAB comprises a group of experts in climate law, energy law, climate science and health science, with expertise in academic research and legal practice.

IRAB is led by Dr Petra Minnerop, Durham Law School. Members of IRAB are placed in leading universities and think tanks around the world. For more information on IRAB please visit Research within IRAB and its Global South Partner Countries (GSPC) and institutional partners is conducted collaboratively and supported by legal advisers who are working closely with developing countries within the UN climate framework.


IRAB has joined the Paris Committee on Capacity-building Network (PCCB Network) to advance its work. The PCCB is a network of entities that are engaged in capacity-building efforts at the local, national, regional and global level. It constitutes a “network of networks” and connects stakeholders and supports their work on capacity-building initiatives. It aims at enhancing coherence and co-ordination between various projects through gathering and disseminating information. IRAB will contribute to the network through the research-led approach to long-term capacity building that defines its work.


Currently, IRAB is actively providing support for Uganda, Nigeria and Bangladesh with the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Joining the PCCB network offers additional opportunities for IRAB to work with partners and to disseminate research findings within the wider UNFCCC community. Find out more about IRAB on the website here