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Academic Staff

Name Position Email
Dr Mike Adcock Assistant Professor
Dr Adebola Adeyemi Assistant Professor 
Dr Adefolake Adeyeye Assistant Professor in Commercial Law
Dr Gregory Allan Associate Professor

Professor Tom Allen Professor
Ms Lana Ashby Associate Professor (Education) in Private Law
Professor Daniel Attenborough Professor of Corporate Law
Miss Rachel Avery Associate Professor (Teaching)
Dr Smith Azubuike Assistant Professor in Energy Law 
Mr Jesse Bachir Teaching Fellow 
Professor Chris Bevan Professor in Property Law
Professor Deryck Beyleveld Professor
Dr Jessie Blackbourn Associate Professor in Public Law and Human Rights
Professor Michael Bohlander Chair in in Global Law and SETI Policy
Dr Kim Bouwer Assistant Professor in Law

Dr Hannah Bows Associate Professor in Criminal Law
Professor Thom Brooks Professor of Law and Government
Dr Demet Caltekin Assistant Professor

Professor Emma Cave Professor of Healthcare Law
Dr Karamvir Chadha Assistant Professor in Legal Theory
Dr Ge Chen Assistant Professor in Global Media and Information Law
Prof Lei Chen Chair in International Arbitration and Chinese Law
Dr Anca Chirita Associate Professor of Competition Law
Mr Tufyal Choudhury Associate Professor
Mr Ylli Dautaj Teaching Fellow 
Ms Gemma Davies Associate Professor in Criminal Law 
Dr Benedict Douglas Assistant Professor in Law
Professor Ming Du Professor in Chinese Law
Dr Can Eken

Assistant Professor in Commercial Law 
Professor Helen Fenwick Professor
Dr Eleni Frantziou Associate Professor in Public Law & Human Rights
Dr Andreas Georgiou Teaching Fellow in EU Law
Professor Richard Goldberg Professor
Dr Nurullah Gorgen Teaching Fellow 
Dr Samantha Halliday Associate Professor in Biolaw
Dr Mark Hanna Assistant Professor in Media Law

Dr Andy Hayward Associate Professor in Family Law
Dr Johanna Jacques Associate Professor in Law
Dr Henry Jones Associate Professor in Law
Dr Dimitrios Kagiaros Assistant Professor in Public Law and Human Rights
Dr Nicholas Kilford Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Dr David Lawrence Assistant Professor in Biolaw

Dr Van Anh Le Assistant Professor in IP Law 

Professor Ian Leigh Emeritus Professor in Law

Dr Zhiyu Li Assistant Professor in Law and Policy
Dr Jieying Liang Assistant Professor of Private International Law and Chinese Law
Dr Dafni Lima  Assistant Professor

Professor William Lucy Professor
Dr Federico Lupo-Pasini Associate Professor in Commercial and Corporate Law
Dr Clara Martins Pereira Assistant Professor

Professor Roger Masterman Professor
Professor Deirdre McCann Professor
Sarah McGibbon Lecturer in International Peace and Security
Professor Clare McGlynn Professor
Prof Aileen McHarg Professor in Public Law and Human Rights
Dr Emma Milne Associate Professor in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
Professor Petra Minnerop Chair in International Law
Dr Jonathan Mukwiri Associate Professor
Dr Päivi Neuvonen Associate Professor in European Law 
Dr Matthew Nicholson Associate Professor in International Law
Dr Elizabeth O'Loughlin Associate Professor in Public Law and Human Rights elizabeth.a.o'
Dr Catherine O'Rourke Professor of Global Law


Professor Shaun Pattinson Professor of Medical Law and Ethics
Dr Camilla Pickles Associate Professor in Biolaw
Dr Anashri Pillay Associate Professor in Law
Ms Vera Piovesan  Teaching Fellow 
Mr Chris Riley Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Rozemarijn Roland Holst Assistant Professor in International Environmental Law

Dr Elizabeth Chloe Romanis Associate Professor in Biolaw
Professor Volker Roeben  Dean of the Law School
Dr Jane Rooney Associate Professor in International Law
Dr Irina Sakharova Lecturer in Contract Law 
Professor Robert Schütze Professor of European and Global Law
Professor Pierre Schammo Professor
Dr Natalie Sedacca Assistant Professor in Employment Law 
Mr Kristiyan Stoyanov Teaching Fellow 
Dr Christopher Szabla Assistant Professor of International Law

Professor Catherine Turner Professor
Dr Barend van Leeuwen Associate Professor in EU Law
Dr Jenifer Varzaly Assistant Professor of Commercial and Corporate Law
Professor Bruce Wardhaugh Professor of Competition Law
Dr Jia Wang Associate Professor
Dr Se-shauna Wheatle Associate Professor
Dr Irene Wieczorek Associate Professor in EU Law
Dr Kara Woodbury-Smith Assistant Professor of Legal Theory
Dr Olivia Woolley Associate Professor in Biolaw
Dr Qinqing Xu Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law 
Dr Benjamin Yong Associate Professor in Public Law and Human Rights
Dr Yige Zu Associate Professor in Tax Law