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Student Life


As well as attending lectures, writing essays, and studying in the library, you will also experience the vibrant social life of the University itself. Bill Bryson, our ex-Chancellor, once said 'Don't let your degree get in the way of your education', and as an Archaeology student you are in for a lot of fun! 

Durham University Archaeological Society  

The Durham Archaeological Society is run by students and this dedicated team organise day trips to historical monuments and sites, visits to museum collections, presentations by eminent archaeologists, and Indiana Jones themed socials! What’s more, Arch Soc will send you information on current excavations (run by the department and externally) so that you have up-to-date information on the best work experience placements available to you. 

A research-rich environment 

The Department of Archaeology is a research-led environment where you can engage with our community of experts, who work around the world on cutting-edge research. As a taught or research postgraduate, you will become a valued part of this community. We actively encourage our postgraduates to work with us as we seek to generate new knowledge, through participation in our Research and Impact Groups, seminars, discussion and reading groups, and through opportunities to work on our research projects and join us in the field.  

A welcoming, collegiate university 

Durham University has an unique collegiate system which offers an exciting wider student experience while at Durham University. College is where you can live, socialise and personally develop ensuring you graduate with much more than a degree. You become part of a scholarly community of staff and students from across the University and beyond. In the smaller-scale college environment, you are offered a high level of support and can easily get involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities as well as enjoying comfortable accommodation and excellent facilities. You can help run aspects of your college, offering unique leadership opportunities and giving you valuable experience for your future career.