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Middle Common Room

The purpose of our Middle Common Room (MCR) is to meet the specific needs of postgraduate and fourth-year undergraduate students through the establishment of a thriving intellectual and social community; directed representation at a college and university level, and the provision of welfare. Our student-led MCR committee organises a wide range of social and academic events throughout the year, such as:

  • Broaderlands; a seminar series where students can present their research to a friendly audience
  • Dissertation drop-ins with peer-led academic support
  • Termly MCR formal dinners and brunches
  • Film nights, games nights, and visits to the local area
  • Celebration of Chinese New Year, Pancake Day, 4th July and much more

Our dedicated Postgraduate Centre contains both social and study spaces, including a sitting room with a TV and a kitchen with free refreshments. The recently refurbished computer room provides printing throughout the year to MCR members. In addition to these facilities, the MCR Welfare Team offers weekly drop-in sessions and organises events to promote the wellbeing of our members.

Membership of our MCR is £45.00 GBP per year, on an opt-in basis. New postgraduates will receive an invitation to join the MCR in their welcome communications.