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Our award-winning premier sketch comedy troupe that brought you Ambika Mod, Jeremy Vine, Ed Gamble, Nish Kumar and many more now enters its 50th year.

The student-led Durham Revue is formed of six performers and two writers from across all colleges and departments. It is often a pathway into successful comedy writing and performing across the creative industries, and has served as a springboard for many well-known actors.

In honour of its half century, the Revue marks the occasion with a brand new show at the Gala Theatre, Durham. Reuniting with previous members, the troupe travels through old favourites and hot-off-the-press sketches in an evening of celebration and hilarity.

This summer, the Revue returns to the Durham Fringe Festival at the end of July, swiftly followed by the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in an August-long run of their flagship show, ‘Mid-Laugh Crisis’. They look forward to welcoming audiences to merry-making.

Were you a Durham student involved with The Durham Revue? We’d love to hear from you - get in touch!

“Raucously funny with sublimely clever writing”


Alumni stars of the Durham Revue

  • Tessa Coates – Anthropology, College of St Hild and St Bede, 2008-11
  • Ed Gamble - Philosophy, Hatfield College, 2004-07
  • Nish Kumar – English & History, Grey College, 2004-07
  • Stevie Martin – English Literature, St John’s College, 2006-10
  • Ambika Mod – English Literature, St Mary’s College, 2014-17
  • Nick Mohammed - Geophysics, St Aidan’s College, 1999-2003 (honorary member of The Durham Revue)
  • Tom Neenan – English Literature, Grey College, 2004-07
  • Jeremy Vine – English Language, Hatfield College, 1983-86; Honorary Doctor of Civil Law, 2012


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Theatre at Durham

With over 30 theatre societies, there really is something for everyone to try at Durham. One hundred productions a year range from stand-up to Shakespeare, musical theatre to contemporary pieces. Opportunities are available for young actors, directors, and technicians to develop and hone their creative skills alongside degrees of all disciplines, along with participating in national cultural events like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and National Student Drama Festival.