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23 November 2023 - 23 November 2023

6:00PM - 7:00PM


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As part of the Durham Inspired Live Programme and in collaboration with Durham University Business School, Associate Professor Zsófia Tóth will discuss the use of AI robots.

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Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI robots is not limited to high-tech industrial settings anymore. They are employed in everyday life from smart cleaning, self-driving vehicles, finance and healthcare, just to mention a few. Some AI robots have physical embodiment, others are intelligent systems.

However, in all cases they are entities that do not have the capacity to feel but work alongside learning mechanisms and have the ability to make certain decisions. Undoubtedly, they can increase efficiency, experiences, and profitability in various fields.

But what could possibly go wrong?

To avoid "computer says no" situations, with reference to the catchphrase of a popular British comedy, planning for the ethical development and use of AI robots is of high importance.

Associate Professor Zsófia Tóth at  Durham University Business School will draw on normative business ethics, tackling the questions of AI accountability and the locus of responsibility. Based on recent research, she will also discuss use cases that are potentially illegal/immoral, permissible, and supererogatory (this latter is about going the extra mile in terms of what is ethically expected).

The presentation will use examples from various sectors, and participants are welcome to bring their own examples. 

The session will take place via Zoom and will include a Q&A session. 


The following article will provide the basis for this presentation:
Tóth, Z., Caruana, R., Gruber, T., & Loebbecke, C. (2022). The dawn of the AI robots: Towards a new framework of AI robot accountability. Journal of Business Ethics, 178(4), 895-916.