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Highly Commended THE Awards: Outstanding Technician of the Year

We’re delighted to share the news that Technician, James Fox-Robinson has been highly commended in the Outstanding Technician of the Year category at the recent THE Awards.

James is one of a growing number of Technicians who work in areas other than the ‘traditional’ role within departments and Faculty.

He has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to his role in supporting students and also enhancing the opportunities for our Technician Community, through the development of a non-faculty technician community of practice.

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‘We are capable leaders who need opportunities to showcase what we’re made of.’

James is responsible for recruitment and retention of student technicians for more than one hundred theatre productions every year. He also mentors and consults with college-based student technicians across the university who oversee productions and events in the 17 university colleges.

He has worked in design, theatre, education and faith-based contexts including as a theatre practitioner and a creative arts director. ‘My career has been a rich mix of creativity and building other people’s skills,’ he says.

James is particularly proud to have co-ordinated an immersive journey around the theatre building called ‘The Final Frontier’, a collaboratively-run wellbeing project taking place during the exam period.

James’ pride in the students he supports and works with is palpable. ‘My favourite thing is seeing students grow in their knowledge, skills and excitement about theatre,’ James says. ‘There’s something deeply satisfying about seeing students’ self-confidence grow and giving them life skills that set them up for post university careers.’

‘Technicians are highly skilled and creative people.’ James says. ‘Within often incredibly complex organisations, we make stuff happen. We’re often at the cutting edge of innovation and new ideas. We are capable leaders who need opportunities to showcase what we’re made of. This is why the Technician Commitment is so important.’

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