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What To Expect On The Day

Students attend the Matriculation ceremony by College and as such College staff and the Freshers Reps are responsible for providing information on the event to students and organising the processions to and from the Cathedral. All new students are invited to attend the ceremony including Erasmus students.


Student processions must arrive at the correct Cathedral entrance by 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time at the latest. 

On arrival, the students will be greeted by University marshals and guided to queue towards the appropriate entrance as listed on the timetable To ensure there are sufficient seats available students must enter via the allocated route. The order in which colleges arrive at the Cathedral is not important, however, those who arrive first will be seated closer to the front.

It is customary for there to be a bit of inter-college rivalry amongst students but the level of noise must be monitored to prevent disturbance to others in nearby offices, houses and school particularly when queuing to enter the Cathedral and those arriving must not obstruct those exiting from a previous ceremony.

At the appropriate time, marshals will direct students to enter the Cathedral where they will be guided to seats. Students entering via Palace Green will be seated on the north side of the Cathedral, and those who entered via the Cloisters will sit on the south side.

PLEASE NOTE: Students should not bring any large bags/holdalls/rucksacks as they are not allowed within the Cathedral and cannot be left unattended. Photography is not allowed during the ceremony, this includes the use of still, digital and video cameras and mobile telephones. Flash photography is not permitted within the Cathedral.

Matriculation Book

One undergraduate and one postgraduate student from each College should be identified as the representative to sign the Matriculation Book during the ceremony and be placed at the front of the procession. The appointed student must make themselves known to marshals inside the Cathedral and will be directed to sit at the front of the Nave, separate from the rest of their college. Please impress upon the appointed student the need to report to the front of the Nave by 5 minutes prior to the ceremony start time at the latest. If a student does not appear the marshal will appoint another student from the appropriate college to undertake this role.


At the end of the ceremony, marshals will direct students out of their seats to leave via the same side of the Cathedral from which they entered i.e. those that arrived at Palace Green will return to Palace Green; those that entered through the Cloisters will exit through the Cloisters.

Again the level of noise made by students exiting the Cathedral needs to be monitored and students must not obstruct the queue of other colleges arriving for the next ceremony.

Entrance and exit via Palace Green

Students of Colleges entering from Palace Green should arrive via Owengate, walk anti-clockwise around the green taking the right-hand path to approach the Cathedral and enter via the Galilee Chapel. University security staff and marshals will be present to provide direction.

Students will be guided by marshals to exit the Cathedral by the North Door, taking the right-hand path then down Dun Cow Lane, turning either left to go down Saddler Street or ahead to go over Kingsgate Bridge.

Entrance and exit via the Cloisters

Students of Colleges entering through the Cloisters should approach over or past Prebends Bridge walk up the pathway around the back of the Chorister School to arrive at the 'College' area to the back of the Cathedral, take the left path around the grass outside Priors Hall then turn left again on entrance to the Cloisters walking round to the doorway into the Cathedral next to the Monks' Dormitory. Marshals will be present to provide direction.

Students will be guided by marshals to exit through the Cloisters, walking clockwise around the quadrangle, to pass in front of Priors Hall, turn left at the corner to exit the College via the Bailey gate then turn right towards Prebends Bridge.