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How newspapers shaped Second World War Britain

Britain’s newspapers played a key role in shaping public opinion and government policy during World War Two, according to a new book.
Black and white photograph of children sitting amongst rubble after bombing raids on London in WW2

Celebrating with our new graduates at the Winter Congregation

Two days of blissful celebration at Durham Cathedral has drawn to a close for our Winter Congregation.
Winter congregation 6.1.23

New study reveals evidence of early Ice Age writing and what it meant

A research team including two Durham University academics have decoded the meaning of markings seen in Ice Age drawings, and in doing so found evidence of early writing dating back at least 14,000 years earlier than previously thought.
Image of Horse drawn onto the wall of Niaux Cave (Ariège, France) around 15,000 years ago. Credit - Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann
Three international students sat talking

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