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Global Frontiers in Research and Education

As part of Global Week, colleagues within the Department of Sociology delivered the below webinar:
Globe with hand

Decision-making at home hinders women in the workplace

Decision-making styles within the family can be a significant barrier to achieving gender parity not only at home but in the workplace too, new research from Durham University Business School reveals.
Woman in white shirt and blue jeans working on laptop and cooking at the same time

SuperBIT makes Nature Astronomy front cover

An international project involving Durham University which flew a gigantic balloon-borne telescope to the edge of space has made the front cover of the prestigious journal Nature Astronomy.
The SuperBIT space telescope being hoisted by a yellow crane against a black and pink dusk sky

Satellites are burning up in the upper atmosphere – and we still don’t know what impact this will have on the Earth’s climate

100 Starlink satellites will be sent to burn up in the atmosphere, but does this present bad news for the ozone layer? Dr Fionagh Thomson from our Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy in our Physics department has taken a deeper look to assess whether there should be concerns for the environment.
A view of the Earth from Space

Enlightening Intensive and Palliative care in India the Durham way

Over the last few weeks, our amazing new WRIHW Fellow, Gilly Burn has been educating over a 1000 nursing students and medics all over India in empathetic Intensive and Palliative care, the "Enlightened Durham way".
Enlighten India

The Influence of the Paris Agreement on Climate Litigation: The Rocky Hill Mine Case Study

Lecture delivered to our 3rd year law students on the Climate Change Law & Policy module by the Honourable Justice Brian Preston, Chief Judge of the Land and Environment Court, New South Wales, Australia and visiting Professor at Durham Law School.
Chief Judge of the Land and Environment Court, New South Wales, Australia

Leaders who are present in times of crises reduce worker’s stress and burnout

In times of organisational crisis, the visibility of leaders plays a crucial role in alleviating worker stress levels and reducing the likelihood of burnout. Research involving Professor Peter Hamilton delves into the significance of senior leader presence during crises, examining its effects on worker well-being, with ICU nurses and their managers during the COVID-19 pandemic serving as a case study.
Doctors and nurses wearing protective coveralls at a hospital during covid-19

Promoting a Green Economy through the UK's Critical Minerals Policy Framework

Research paper presented by Dr Adebola Adeyemi at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
Promoting a Green Economy through the UK's Critical Minerals Policy Framework

How 16th century survivors of wartime sexual violence found justice

Dr Tom Hamilton from our Department of History has discovered criminal records revealing a rare, 400-year-old legal case which successfully prosecuted a soldier for sexual crimes during Europe’s notoriously violent Wars of Religion.
Sixteenth century image of Murder of the Protestants at Sens, 1562

New research opens avenues for more efficient and stable blue OLED displays

Researchers in our top-rated Physics department are world-leading experts in their field. In a surprising discovery, our scientists have found that certain molecules long considered poor emitters are actually ideal for boosting efficiency and stability in next-generation blue OLED displays. The study published in the journal Nature Photonics, reveal an overlooked molecular ‘blind spot’ that could enable major advances in energy-saving display technologies.
OLED displays in the lab

AI-VISION project secures Innovate UK funding to advance precision medicine

A collaborative project between Durham, The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), The Royal Marsden Hospital, and techbio company Concr, has been awarded a prestigious Innovate UK grant. The AI-VISION project, which will play a pivotal role in advancing precision (genetically tailored) medicine, has secured a grant of £1million.
An image of cancer cells alongside The EAGLE simiulated universe from Durham’s Institute for Computational Cosmology and the Virgo Consortium

We are delighted to announce our new Professor in Practice

Our congratulations to Dr Andrew Crossland FEI, who has been appointed as an Associate Professor in Practice with the Durham Energy Institute commencing on 1st January 2024.
Andrew Crossland