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Radhakishin Scholarships

At the School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA), we currently award four Radhakishin Scholarships each year to disadvantaged or under-represented students to support them and their studies. The scholarship is for £4,000 per year and is held for up to 4 years. 

How to Apply: 

No application is required. Entry is automatic when candidates apply through UCAS. 

The points system used to select recipients will be taken directly from the criteria identified under the University’s Widening Participation Programme. 

The scholarships will be allocated to students who exceed their required entry grades by the largest amount. Should there be a tie, personal statements will be considered. 

Alex Gallucci - Radhakishin Scholar

My name is Alex Gallucci, I am a first year ‘Politics with Year Abroad’ student and I am originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire. After receiving the news that I qualified for the Radhakishin Scholarship I was immensely excited! The scholarship has meant that I do not have to worry about money and has really benefited my studies.  

The scholarship gave me the money to replace my aging laptop, which throughout Michaelmas term had lost summatives, corrupted memory sticks, and nearly caused one of my group projects to be sent in late; at the last minute the laptop decided to freeze! Conclusively, my little laptop had caused a lot of stress and tears. The funds permitted me to buy a new laptop which, with university life now moving online and all exams being virtually completed, has become a necessary expense. I cannot imagine how my old laptop would have coped under the strain of this new virtual university life. 

Without the scholarship I would have needed another income, this part-time job would likely have eaten away my time. The scholarship meant I spent my extra time immersed in work, meeting other students, and participating in valuable experiences. One such experience was the Qatar Simulation Crisis. This took a whole weekend but was a valuable experience of the diplomatic service and has contributed to my education as I intend to study the Middle East in Second Year.  

I cannot express how grateful I am to be given the resources to reach my full potential. Being able to buy books that broaden my horizons and know that I can achieve my dream of living and studying abroad is a wonderful feeling. I hope that one day I can give back to the university that has given so much to me.”