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Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing


Engineering is a global discipline. The Department of Engineering supports a thriving community of staff, students and visitors who join us from all around the world. The many different voices, cultures, backgrounds, identities and experiences found within our community help to fuel innovation in our research, teaching and learning (and also dispel any myths about the stereotypical engineer!). 

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Role Model

Diversity within Engineering at Durham University: our academic staff

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Policies

As people join us, and our community develops, we need to ensure that the environment remains welcoming and inclusive. The Department's EDI & Wellbeing Committee is responsible for maintaining oversight of the inclusive working environment as well as developing and promoting equality and diversity initiatives. The Committee includes representatives from across our community to ensure that voices are heard.

Athena SWAN

The Department holds an Athena SWAN Bronze which recognises its ongoing work to promote and support the careers of women. 

Historically, women have been underrepresented in Engineering and related disciplines. We are taking specific actions which aim to support gender inclusivity. 

These are detailed in our Athena SWAN action plan.

Athena SWAN Action Plan Engineering

For example, we:

  • Promote the work and experiences of our women engineers at open days and outreach events.
  • Organise gender targeted events, e.g. we welcome our graduate women engineers to give talks on their experience of working in industry.
  • Ensure gender diversity during recruitment processes.
  • Learn from best practice. The Department is partnered with the Women's Engineering Society.
  • Listen to our female staff and students through focus groups and targeted surveys.


Contact Us

Director of EDI & Wellbeing in the Department of Engineering: Dr Natasha Shirshova



Useful Links

The Department's work is aided by the University's strategic commitment to promoting equality and diversity for all staff and students. University level policies can be found here:

The list of the useful links can be found below:

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Report and Support: Report + Support - Durham University

REC: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion : Race Equality Charter - Durham University

Advance HE Athena Swan Page: Athena Swan Charter | Advance HE (

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 Durham Women in Engineering Society (WES): Link


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