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MA Research Methods: Anthropology (L6K307)

The MA Research MEthods: Anthropology course includes training in qualitative and quantitative methods needed by researchers in social sciences and draws on expertise within the Department of Anthropology to provide specialised training in either sociocultural anthropology, medical anthropology, the anthropology of development or cultural evolution (depending on your chosen pathway).

It is affiliated to the Northern Ireland and North East Doctoral Training Partnership, which offers funding to British and European Union students interested in taking the course preparatory to moving on to a PhD at Durham.

At the end of this course, you will be well-prepared to go on to do research in Anthropology or a related discipline. Most students expect to move on to a PhD.

"This course has given me the opportunity to learn fresh, ground-breaking core research and data analysis skills and concepts from social scientists from many disciplines such as education, politics and sociology. This interdisciplinary approach has given me a deeper understanding and a thorough grounding in some practical transferable skills. I couldn't have wished for a more supportive and inclusive team of professors, lecturers and fellow students!"

Andrea Lambell
MA Research Methods