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15 May 2024 - 15 May 2024

1:00PM - 2:00PM

Durham University Business School and Online

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Join us for a CSTIO hosted seminar with Dr Rouba Ibrahim (UCL School of Management)

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Durham City

Size-based scheduling in service systems


Size-based scheduling policies, such as shortest-remaining-processing-time (SRPT) and shortest-job-first (SJF), have been extensively studied for decades. Yet, almost all analytical results in the literature remain exclusive to single-server queues with infinitely patient jobs and under exact job-size information, which are assumptions that clearly do not hold in service systems such as call centers or healthcare facilities. In this work, we provide the first analytical results on the performance of size-based scheduling in multiserver queues with abandonment and inexact job-size information.

This is joint work with Jing Dong, from Columbia Business School.

About Professor Rouba Ibrahim

Rouba Ibrahim is a professor at the School of Management of University College London (UCL). She holds a PhD degree in Operations Research from Columbia University (2010), an MSc degree in Applied Mathematics from Stony Brook University (2004), and a BSc degree in Mathematics from the American University of Beirut (2002).   Her research interests lie in stochastic modelling applications to service systems, especially call centers and healthcare systems. In particular, she is interested in applying queueing-theoretic methods and numerical tools, such as simulation modelling and data analysis, to problems relating to the operational management of service systems.