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22 November 2023 - 22 November 2023

11:00AM - 1:00PM


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Hosted by the Centre for Strategy, Technological Innovation and Operations

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Durham University Business School

CEO Automation: Leveraging Behavioural Data Science for Effective Leadership


This presentation explores the concept of CEO Automation, a transformative approach that integrates behavioural data science into the realm of executive leadership. The talk will delve into how emerging technologies (including generative AI) with the use of behavioural data science, an interdisciplinary field merging insights from behavioural science, economics, psychology, data science, and computer science, can be applied to enhance the decision-making processes and strategic thinking of CEOs. The focus will be on three core areas: (i) enhancing decision-making accuracy by understanding cognitive biases and heuristics in CEO-level decisions; (ii) optimizing human-algorithm collaboration to facilitate data-driven, yet ethically aligned leadership choices; and (iii) designing automated systems that assist in predictive analytics, trend identification, and strategic planning, tailored to the unique challenges faced by CEOs. The session will include case studies demonstrating the practical application of these concepts in real-world corporate scenarios, highlighting the transformative impact of behavioural data science in the evolving landscape of executive leadership.

About Prof. Ganna Pogrebna

Prof. Pogrebna is a pioneer in behavioural data science. She serves as the Executive Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Futures Institute at Charles Sturt University, Honorary Professor at the University of Sydney, and is the Lead for Behavioural Data Science at the Alan Turing Institute. Her expertise blends behavioural science, AI, computer science, data analytics, and business innovation. Prof. Pogrebna's work aids diverse groups, including businesses, governments, and individuals, in understanding decision-making processes and optimizing behaviour for enhanced outcomes. Her recent projects span smart technologies, cybersecurity, human-computer interactions, and innovative business models. Notably, her work in cybersecurity, particularly her CyberDoSpeRT scale, has gained international recognition. Prof. Pogrebna's contributions have earned her prestigious awards, including the Leverhulme Research Fellowship and the TechWomen100 award. She is also recognized as a leading data scientist by the AI Time Journal. Prof. Pogrebna actively disseminates her knowledge through her Data Driven YouTube channel ( and Inclusion AI blog (, contributing to the Oxford Handbook of AI Ethics and co-editing the upcoming Cambridge Handbook of Behavioural Data Science.