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Past Exhibitions

Find out more about our previous exhibitions and art installations.

Continuous Materials

An exhibition by Eleanor Wright and Sam Watson, featuring six artists and collaborators, commissioned by University College and the Centre for Visual Arts and Culture.
A coloured photograph looking down on the artwork which features an image and fabric background.

The Liveliest of Elements

A temporary art exhibition by artist Laura Harrington, who is interested in the natural world and how humans understand and interact with it.
Moss Flats, an upland bare peat flat in the North Pennines.

This is Not a Memorial

Part of the Re-Imagine feminist art collaboration project, in which over 100 artists from the UK and Mexico created artwork which told a different story about femicide.
A photograph of the art installation in Durham Castle, which included a clay bust engraved with the names of 118 women who have lost their lives at the hands of men.

Public and Private

In Public and Private, Michele Allen presented a series of photographs, texts and a video work produced as a result of a four-month residency at Durham Castle.
Photograph by Michelle Allen exploring the day-to-day life of Durham Castle showing the voting box in the SCR.