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Mismanagement of diversity and inclusion initiatives risks excluding staff

New research reveals that the diversity and inclusion efforts employed by organisations can have the adverse effect of alienating employees when employers fail to consider the needs and perspectives of all staff.
Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

New Executive Dean to lead Business School

Professor Catherine (Cathy) Cassell has been appointed to the position of Executive Dean of Durham University Business School. She joins the University on 1 September 2022, taking over from Professor Kieran Fernandes, Interim Executive Dean.
New Executive Dean Announcement

Executive Education Director Q&A: Christos Tsinopoulos, Durham University Business School

Newly appointed in his role as Associate Dean for External Engagement at Durham University Business School, Professor Christos Tsinopoulos is responsible for leading and implementing the School’s outreach and executive-education strategy. Please note: this article was first published in The Economist.
Professor Christos Tsinopoulos

Cryptocurrency returns are immune to monetary policy spillovers

Cryptocurrency returns are immune to spillovers caused by changing international monetary policies, according to new research from the School. The researchers also state that cryptocurrencies may offer a variety of benefits as a digital asset.
Image of cryptocurrency coins against a digital graph

Ethical use of AI robots must incorporate accountability and moral intensity

We need to create specific accountability guidelines to ensure that the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots remains ethical, according to new research led by Zsofia Toth, Associate Professor in Marketing and Management at the Business School.
Friendly robot smiling