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Experiencing a day in the life of a trader

Collaborating with industry practitioners is key to experiential learning.

This week, Professor Ian Whitfield arranged for the ZISHI Cornerstone team to run an ‘introduction to trading financial futures workshop’, enhancing our relationship with the educational pillar of OSTC Trading Group and the University’s adoption of their educational software for options market-making, Volcube.

About the workshop

The workshop is delivered at a pace to mimic what students may experience within an internship, or indeed whether they go on to become a trader after graduating.

The students who attended from our BSc Finance and BA Accounting and Finance course, were introduced to financial market theory and the understanding of the fundamental mechanics that move the markets. This was in addition to gaining some introductory grounding in technical analysis to support their trading decision making. The workshop was all supported through access to, and use of an industry standard, teir-1 front end trading system with real-time pricing to allow practice and application.

As a valuable addition, attendees also received an employability session discussing the knowledge, skills and behaviours that the financial industry looks for. They also received a useful guide to support their further understanding of industry requirements to support future job applications.

How the day went

“It was great to see such engagement and enthusiasm from the students, especially out of term time. The day was fast paced, and the students remained attentive and focused, certainly traits future employers within the financial industry would look for.” Robert Russell, Global Head of Professional Qualifications at ZISHI Cornerstone.

“This was an impressive session, delivered by experts, that provided students with valuable insights into what is involved as a trader in futures markets. It developed their appreciation of the application of derivatives in practice and contextualised many of the concepts and issued covered in classes.

I particularly welcomed the emphasis on the key skills that employers value and are needed to be successful in the industry.” Professor Ian Whitfield, Department of Economics and Finance.

Future collaboration planned

The relationship between ZISHI and the University will continue, as ZISHI will be back at the Business School this summer to deliver their practitioner designed, industry recognised Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading qualification programme, commencing Monday 6 June. 

Those who successfully complete the programme will qualify to go on and gain industry professional membership with the CISI (Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments) at Associate Membership level, and therefore obtain the designated letters ACSI.  If that wasn’t enough, students will also be offered the opportunity to interview for OSTC Junior Trading roles with the company beyond graduation.

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