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Green shoot growing in coins

Professor Carol Adams has recently written a piece that examines the progress being made in sustainability reporting. As the world starts to get ready for COP26 in Glasgow later this month how should the accounting profession help businesses measure their activity in relation to sustainability?

In the article, Professor Adams addresses:

  • three possible scenarios as to how “sustainability” reporting might develop
  • how the current direction in reporting will not facilitate harmonisation or sustainable development
  • how a proposed modification would facilitate both
  • that taking a step back, rethinking and re-engaging would offer more possibilities

Three possible scenarios

In brief, sustainability reporting can

a) Continue as set out
b) Adopt a collaborate and learn approach or
c) The International Accounting Standard Board will incorporate climate change and other sustainability issues into IFRS Standards so far as they affect the financial statements.

Best for the planet

To find out how Professor Adams thinks that scenarios B and C are better for people and the planet, read the full article in the School’s IMPACT hub.

More information

  • Find out more about Professor Adams and her research interests here
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