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19 April 2023 - 19 April 2023

10:00AM - 12:30PM

Online and in-person in Mill Hill Lane Room 453

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Join us at this week's MIB Seminar with Prof Peter Gabrielsson (University of Vaasa, Finland)

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Durham University Business School

The Interface of International Marketing and Entrepreneurship Research

Abstract: There is a lot of interesting research opportunities at the interface of international marketing and entrepreneurship. An organizing framework with three main dimensions—international marketing, the nature of marketing, and entrepreneurship—guides the presentation. Nine research types emerge at the intersection of international marketing and entrepreneurship research, and the presentation includes interesting examples of each type. Promising avenues for future studies are discussed.

Bio: Prof Peter Gabrielsson is Professor of International Marketing at School of Marketing and Communication, University of Vaasa, Finland. He serves as Director of the International Business and Marketing Strategies research group. He is also Adjunct Professor at Aalto University, School of Business. He lectures about global marketing management and international entrepreneurship. Peter achieved his doctorate degree at the Helsinki School of Economics (currently Aalto University). His current research interests include the globalization process of firms, born globals, international entrepreneurship, global marketing strategies, entrepreneurial marketing, digitalization and sustainable marketing. He has led several large research projects, for instance “Born Globals: Growth Stages and Survival” and “International New Ventures: Growth and Decision-making” financed by Business Finland, and published in journals including the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of World Business, Journal of International Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, International Business Review, Management International Review, and International Marketing Review. He is editorial board member of Journal of International Marketing and Industrial Marketing Management. He has extensive experience in senior management positions at global ICT firms and continues to consult firms actively.

After the talk, from 11:00am-12:3pm, there will be a research feedback session for 4-5 colleagues and PhD students to present their work for comments. If interested, please email Xinming He.