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We are currently advertising three Post-Doctoral Research Associate (Job Number: 22000022) in the Institute.    

Additional information to the job description can be seen below.  You can also find out more about the Institute on the web pages.  Please note that the web pages are currently being updated as we have migrated to a new system and not all of the information has been repopulated so please do keep checking for any updates and changes.

Please note that the contract is for 12 months initially, with further funding available extending the position to 3 years.

Some further areas of work the Institute is involved in which maybe of interest to you are:

Predicting and mitigating lava flow hazards: Basaltic volcanic eruptions - the most common type of eruption on Earth - produce lava flows that pose a substantial risk to livelihood, property, and infrastructure. Recent eruptions in Hawaii (2018) and La Palma (2021) respectively destroyed around 700, and more than 2,500 properties, and caused hundreds of millions of pounds of damage. Predicting the path of lava flows is extremely challenging, because eruption source parameters are often poorly known, and the rheology of the lava changes dramatically during emplacement. Researchers are invited to join Durham's world-leading volcanology group to address any aspect of lava flow hazard and risk. Example approaches might include: laboratory analogue modelling; numerical modelling; field mapping; impact assessment; response and mitigation; remediation; etc.

Social impacts of volcanic eruptions: the PDRA will explore the experiences of communities recently affected by volcanic eruptions in Indonesia, including how their mental and physical health were affected, how they protected themselves, and notions of loss related to displacement and altered landscapes. The impact of Covid on perceptions surrounding facemask use for eruptions will also be explored. The PDRA will have experience in community-based research, including designing, implementing and analysing interviews, focus group discussions and surveys. The PDRA will be willing to work closely with local partners, stakeholders and public in the location (Sumatra, Indonesia) and help develop opportunities for research uptake. There is also the potential for further interdisciplinary working, with geochemical analyses of volcanic ash samples, at Durham University, for which full training will be provided. Ideally, the candidate would be fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English, with a PhD in sociology, human geography, behavioural science, psychology or anthropology. They will be working with Prof Claire Horwell (IHRR & Department of Earth Sciences).

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing