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This is a list of the most recent research publications by members of Durham CELLS. Full publication lists can be obtained by visiting the appropriate staff web page. Open access copies of the publications are available via Durham Research Online.

Books authored

  • Begon, Jessica (2023). Disability Through the Lens of Justice. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Pattinson, Shaun D. (2023). Law at the Frontiers of Biomedicine: Creating, Enhancing and Extending Human Life. Oxford: Hart Publishing.
  • Brazier, Margaret, Cave, Emma & Heywood, Rob (2023). Medicine, Patients and the Law. MUP.
  • James, Simon P. (2022). How Nature Matters: Culture, Identity, and Environmental Value. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Roland Holst, Rozemarijn J. (2022). Change in the Law of the Sea: Context, Mechanisms and Practice. Brill.
  • Simpson, Bob (2022). Tractatus Methodologico-Ethnographicus: A Short Introduction to the Anthropological Study of Worlds.
  • Maehle, Andreas-Holger (2021). A Short History of British Medical Ethics. Ockham Publishing.
  • Parsons, Jordan A & Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe (2021). Early Medical Abortion, Equality of Access, and the Telemedical Imperative. Oxford University Press
  • Beyleveld, Deryck & Düwell, Marcus (2020). The Sole Fact of Pure Reason: Kant’s Quasi-Ontological Argument for the Categorical Imperative. De Gruyter.
  • Fairgrieve, Duncan & Goldberg, Richard (2020). Product Liability. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Brooks, Thom (2020). Climate Change Ethics for an Endangered World. Routledge.
  • Du, Ming (2020). The Regulation of Product Standards in World Trade Law. Oxford: Hart Publishing.
  • Fairgrieve, Duncan & Goldberg, Richard (2020). Product Liability. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Pattinson, Shaun D. (2020). Medical Law and Ethics. 6th ed., London: Sweet & Maxwell.
  • Sariola, S & Simpson, B (2019). Research as Development Biomedical Research, Ethics, and Collaboration in Sri Lanka. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.
  • Pattinson, Shaun D. (2018). Revisiting Landmark Cases in Medical Law. Abingdon: Routledge.

Books edited

  • Lawrence, David R. & Morley Sarah (2022). Novel Beings: Regulatory Approaches for a Future of New Intelligent Life. Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Minnerop, Petra, Wolfrum, Ruediger & Lachenmann, Frauke (2019). Internal Development Law. Oxford University Press.

Book chapters

  • Cave, Emma (2023). Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Human Fertilisation and Embryology (1984). In Leading Works in Health Law and Ethics. Fovargue, Sara & Purshouse, Craig Routledge.
  • Du, Ming (2023). Chinese State-Owned Enterprises and International Investment Law. In State Capitalism and International Investment Law. Delimatsis, Panagiotis, Dimitropoulos, Georgios & Gourgourinis, Anastasios London: Bloomsbury. 161-183.
  • Du, Ming (2023). Dashed Hopes? The Limits of International Economic Norms in Promoting the Rule of Law in China. In Chinese Legality: Ideology, Law and Institutions. Hua, Shiping London: Routledge. 73-93.
  • Adcock, Mike & Beyleveld, Deryck (2022). Morality and Intellectual Property Law Through the Lens of Human Rights. In Boundaries of Information Property. Godt, Christine Van Overwalle, Geertrui, Guibault, Lucie & Beyleveld, Deryck Cambridge: Intersentia. 4: 121-147.
  • Bouwer, Kim (2022). Climate Change Litigation in the Asia Pacific, Edited by Jolene Lin and Douglas A. Kysar Published by Cambridge University Press, 2020. Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law 31(1): 150-152.
  • Cave, Emma (2022). A Future Orientated View of Autonomy. In Consenting Children: Autonomy, Well-being, Responsibility. Forsberg L, Black I, Skelton A & Herring J Oxford University Press.
  • Du, Ming (2022). Commentary on Article 4 and Annex A of the TBT Agreement. In Max Planck Commentaries on World Trade Law: Technical Barriers to Trade and SPS Measures. Wagner, Markus Leiden: Brill. 3: 110-135.
  • Bush, Chunping & Du, Ming (2022). Towards a Win-Win EU-China Bilateral Investment Treaty: Challenges and Prospects. In China and the Belt and Road Initiative. Kim, Young-Chan Cham: Springer. 145-177.
  • Papadopoulou, L & Lima, D (2022). EU citizenship, free movement and clashing identities in the context of same-sex families. In Le droit européen, source de droits, source du droit: Mélanges en l'honneur de Vassilios Skouris. Gaudin, Hélène (ed) Mare & Martin. 445-463.
  • Roland Holst, Rozemarijn J. (2022). The climate-oceans nexus: Oceans in the climate regime, climate in the oceans regime. In Routledge Handbook of Marine Governance and Global Environmental Change. Harris, Paul G. Routledge. 28-38.

Journal articles

  • Roland Holst, Rozemarijn, J. (2023). Taking the Current When it Serves: Prospects and Challenges for an ITLOS Advisory Opinion on Oceans and Climate Change. Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law
  • Bouwer, Kim (2022). Climate Change Litigation in the Asia Pacific, Edited by Jolene Lin and Douglas A. Kysar Published by Cambridge University Press, 2020. Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law 31(1): 150-152.
  • Bouwer, Kim (2022). Climate Change Litigation in the Asia Pacific, Edited by Jolene Lin and Douglas A. Kysar Published by Cambridge University Press, 2020. Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law 31(1): 150-152.
  • Cave, Emma & McMahon, Aisling (2022). Should states restrict recipient choice amongst relevant and available COVID-19 vaccines? Medical Law Review
  • Brierley J, Archard D & Cave E (2022). Involving parents in paediatric clinical ethics committee deliberations: a current controversy. Journal of Medical Ethics
  • Fuller, Sarah J., Chapman, Simon, Cave, Emma, Druce-Perkins, James, Daniels, Poppy & Tan, Jacinta (2022). Nasogastric tube feeding under physical restraint on paediatric wards: ethical, legal and practical considerations regarding this lifesaving intervention. BJPsych Bulletin 1.
  • Brierley, Joe, Archard, David & Cave, Emma (2022). Ethical advice in paediatric care. Archives of Disease in Childhood 107: e18.
  • Du, Ming (2022). From “Non-market Economy” to “Significant Market Distortions” Rethinking the EU Anti-Dumping Regulation and China’s State Interventionism. Yearbook of European Law
  • Du, Ming (2022). Huawei Strikes Back: Challenging National Security Decisions before Investment Arbitral Tribunals. Emory International Law Review 37(1): 101-153.
  • Du, Ming (2022). China's State-owned Enterprises and International Investment Law. Georgetown Journal of International Law 53(4).
  • Goldberg, Richard (2022). Vaccine damage schemes in the US and UK reappraised: making them fit for purpose in light of COVID-19. Legal Studies
  • Goldberg, Richard (2022). Vaccine Liability in the Light of Covid-19: A defence of risk-benefit. Medical Law Review 30(2): 243-267.
  • Kost, C. & Jamie, Kimberly (2022). "It has literally been a lifesaver": The role of 'knowing kinship' in supporting fat women to navigate medical fatphobia. Fat Studies
  • Bryant, Lia, Jamie, Kimberly & Sharples, Gary (2022). Reading Clay: The Temporal and Transformative Potential of Clay in Contemporary Scientific Practice. Journal of Material Culture
  • Jamie, Kimberly & Rathbone A. P. (2022). Using theory and reflexivity to preserve methodological rigour of data collection in qualitative research. Research Methods in Medicine & Health Sciences 3(1): 11-21.
  • Lima, Dafni (2022). Case Note: Towards Cross-Border Recognition of Same-Sex Parenthood. The Cambridge Law Journal 81(2): 239-242.
  • Gijbels, Jolien, Lancaster, Cheryl, Maehle, Andreasā€Holger & Vander Hulst, Reinout (2022). Aligning Faith with Medicine: Medical Ethics, Reproduction and Catholic Morality in Francophone and Anglophone Normative Literature, c. 1840–1960. Journal of Religious History 46(3): 439-459.
  • Otto, Friederike E L, Minnerop, Petra, Raju, Emmanuel, Harrington, Luke J, Stuart-Smith, Rupert F, Boyd, Emily, James, Rachel, Jones, Richard & Lauta, Kristian C (2022). Causality and the fate of climate litigation: The Role of the social Superstructure Narrative. Global Policy
  • Minnerop, Petra (2022). The Advance Interference-Like Effect of Climate Targets: Fundamental Rights, Intergenerational Equity and the German Federal Constitutional Court. Journal of Environmental Law 34(1): 135-162.
  • Minnerop, Petra (2022). European Consensus as Integrative Doctrine of Treaty Interpretation: Joining Climate Science and International Law under the European Convention on Human Rights. Berkeley Journal of International Law
  • Segers, Seppe & Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe (2022). Ethical, Translational, and Legal Issues Surrounding the Novel Adoption of Ectogestative Technologies. Risk Management and Healthcare Policy 15: 2207-2220.
  • Mahmoud, Zaina & Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe (2022). On Gestation and Motherhood. Medical Law Review 1 - 32.
  • Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe & Parsons, Jordan A (2022). Directed and Conditional Uterus Donation. Journal of Medical Ethics
  • Hooton, Victoria & Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe (2022). Artificial Womb Technology, Pregnancy and EU Employment Rights. Journal of Law and the Biosciences 9(1): 009.
  • Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe (2022). Assisted Gestative Technologies. Journal of Medical Ethics 48(7): 439-446.
  • Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe (2022). Appropriately framing maternal request caesarean section. Journal of Medical Ethics
  • Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe, Mullock, Alexandra & Parsons, Jordan A (2022). The Excessive Regulation of Early Abortion Medication in the United Kingdom: The Case for Reform. Medical Law Review 30(1): 4-32.
  • Parsons, Jordan A & Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe (2022). The case for telemedical early medical abortion in England: dispelling adult safeguarding concerns. Health Care Analysis 30(1): 73-96.
  • Gimbel, Inge, Mostert, Menno, Van Leeuwen, Barend & Van Leeuwen, Roeland (2022). From Discipline to Quality of Care: How Neurologists Can Learn from Decisions of Disciplinary Tribunals. European Neurology 85(3): 202-207.